Lush Halloween Products 2016

Halloween is almost here, which means that its time for Lush to bring their annual Halloween products out! And on my last trip to there, I couldn't resist picking up a few!
Boo | Bath Melt
One of the first things I picked up is this little Boo ghost bath melt, seriously how cute is this? I love the bath melts/oils that Lush sell and unlike others, they really do work! Your skin feels so soft and smooth after popping one of these in the bath and they smell pretty great too.
Sparkly Pumpkin | Bubble Bar
The Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, again super cute and perfect for all the glitter lovers out there! Initially, I wasn't sure if I'd like this as the scent is quite overpowering however once I'd crumbled half of this into the bath, I became obsessed! It turns your bath water into a gorgeous glittery, orange pool of loveliness and the amount of bubbles it produces is incredible!
Lord Of Misrule | Bath Bomb
If there is ever a bath bomb that you will get your moneys worth with, its Lord Of Misrule! I still can't believe how good this bath bomb is and compared to how it looks in the picture, its a completely different end result. This bath bomb starts off fizzing away like usual and then like a volcano, pink just erupts out of it! (I'm trying my best to describe here, haha!) Finally towards the end of the bath bomb, it starts crackling which is just crazy! Honestly you have to try this bath bomb whilst its in stores, you won't be disappointed! 
Monsters Ball | Bath Bomb
I apologize for the terrible photo of this bath bomb but honestly, I couldn't wait to use it! I'm pretty sure that this is one of the most popular Halloween products this year as every time I've been back to Lush to stock up, it's been out of stock. Once popped into the bath, the water turns a mixture of blues, pinks and purples, with the water ending up a deep blood like purple, very Halloweeny, I know.
Autumn Leaf | Bath Bomb
This is by far one of the prettiest bath bombs I've seen from Lush and when you pop this into your bath, it creates a gorgeous mixture of greens, yellows and pinks! It's not the most exciting bath bomb like Monsters Ball and Lord Of Misrule but I would definitely buy it again just because its too pretty not to, haha!

Have you tried any of the Lush Halloween products yet?
Which is your favourite?

Collective Beauty Haul | Christaabelle Collaboration

Finishing off my collaborations with Christie is our collective haul! Yes, that's right, we went shopping and spent far too much...

My Shopping List
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette - Before we hit the shops, Christie let me try her palette and I instantly fell in love! For a start the palette smells of chocolate which is heavenly and the quality of the eyeshadows is fantastic. The colours are so pigmented and easily as good as the Urban Decay Naked palettes.
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - I have been wanting this foundation for so long now but just never got around to buying it, until we went into Space NK! There has been so much hype about this foundation for so long and now I can finally understand why. It is hands down the best foundation I have used, it doesn't dry my skin out at all and lasts perfectly all day without budging.
Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder - The last of the products that Christie let me test out was this setting powder and you probably guessed that I fell in love with this too! I have always been a Rimmel Stay Matte megafan and would have never dreamed of spending so much on a powder but it is so worth, this product is seriously amazing.
Kiko Everlasting Kajal Pencil Eyeliner - I already have tons of black pencil eyeliners but when I spotted this in the Kiko sale for a ridiculously cheap price, both me and Christie had to pick one up to add to our collections! This pencil glides on so easily and looks lovely.
NYX Matte Liquid Eyeliner - I've always loved Rimmel's Glam Eyes liner but with NYX
arriving in Boots, I knew I had to try something by them! I picked up this liquid liner mainly because of the brush and I love it. The precise, fine brush that this eyeliner has makes applying winged liner super easy and it doesn't budge all day long.
Last of all are the things I picked up from Lush, one of my guilty pleasures. I picked up three bubble bars which were Rose Jam, Creamy Candy and Pop in the bath, which all smell amazing and are my new obsession! Also I bought the Marshmallow bath oil after previously using Razzle Dazzle and loving the benefits and finally is the Butterball bath bomb, which smells heavenly.

Christies Shopping List
Whilst Christe was over, she told me that she had never been to KIKO before so of course, we had to pay a visit. KIKO had a sale on at the time and Christie managed to pick up some real bargains!
Kiko Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow - Shade 13  Golden Peach/Pearly Burnt Sienna - £8.90
The first thing that Cristie picked up was this gorgeous eyeshadow duo which looked so lovely on, it can be used wet or dry and is the perfect duo for when you quickly want to apply eyeshadow!
Kiko Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow - Shade 143 - £2.90
Another eyeshadow found in the sale was this light pink shade, perfect for the inner corners or to use along side the baked duo that I mentioned earlier!

Kiko Water Eyeshadow - Shade 208 - £8.90
This is another eyeshadow that again can be used wet or dry, it is unbelievably pigmented and just so Instagram-worthy haha.

Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow - Shade 248 - £2.80
This was one of the things that Christie picked up in the sale, it was such good value and even though I wouldn't see myself buying this and being able to pull off this shade, it looked lovely when Christie applied it.
Kiko Cleansing Scrub £2.40
The last thing from KIKO was this cleansing scrub, Christie was hesitant to buy this at first being only £2.40 but after testing it she said it was very gentle on the skin and couldn't wait to review it fully.

Artis Brush Foam Cleanser - £20 Space NK
Following my splurge in Space NK, Christie joined me on buying this Artis brush Foam Cleanser, probably one of the most expensive liquids you could find. However, after testing it out Christie said that it was well worth the money and one of the best brush cleaners she had used!
LUSH Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar - £3.65
 No shopping trip can ever be complete without a trip to Lush, I think many people will agree with me on this one. From Lush Christie picked up two bubble bars, Pop In The Bath and Milky Bath which both are so cute to look at! Pop In The Bath is also my new addiction, seriously it smells heavenly.
LUSH Milky Bath Bubble Bar - £3.75
LUSH Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb - £3.75
Last of all is the Dragons Egg bath bomb, which we had a demonstration of in the shop. The colours in this bath bomb are incredible and create such a lovely colour, Christie is a big fan!

I hope you enjoyed our hauls! Have you ever tried any of these products? 
Let me know!

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A Day At Yorkshire Wildlife Park | Christaabelle Collab

With both me and fellow blogger Christie being huge animal lovers, we decided to finish off our weekend together by going for a day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park! The park is about half an hour away from me and has everything from meerkats to polar bears to the odd camel! One thing I loved about this wildlife park was how well the animals were looked after, they had brilliant enclosures and were clearly very happy! Here's a few snippets of what we got up to when we went quite literally, walking with wildlife..
The first animals we arrived at were the meerkats, which I absolutely love! I love their little personalities and how cheeky they are, especially when the worker was trying to clean their enclosure and one just refused to cooperate.
We then went to see the lions, who just slept the entire time! In fact, we only saw one big cat who was actually awake and that was only because he was trying to impress the ladies next door!
At Yorkshire Wildlife Park you're able to walk in the wallaby and lemur enclosures which was amazing, especially since watching Madagascar all those years ago and being captivated by King Julien! Just like the lions, they were a pretty lazy bunch too! But occasionally they would charge after each other and end up right next to you, which made me love them even more!
After we'd finished trying to take selfies with wallabies, we headed to see the giraffes and the random ostrich which followed them, Christie wasn't a fan but it was the only animal willing to pose for a picture haha!

Overall this was one of my favorite wildlife parks that I've been to and I'd definitely recommend going. I know that next time Christie's over we will be visiting again, checking out the latest editions to the park!

I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures of all the gorgeous animals and let me know if you've ever been to Yorkshire Wildlife Park before!

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A Weekend With Christaabelle

Last Friday it was time to pick up fellow beauty and lifestyle blogger Christie from the train station, and let our long awaited girlie weekend begin! 

Once I'd picked Christie up and heard all about the dribbling guy sat next to her on the train journey over, it was time to head to the supermarket to stock up on every fattening food there is, Ben & Jerrys, Doritos, M&M's and so much more unhealthiness. 

Once we'd had a few odd looks from the cashier we decided to go all out and head for McDonald's, little did we know it would turn into a twenty-mile journey trying to find one that wasn't closed for refurbishment, so that we could satisfy our need of chicken nuggets and all the fries. Friday evening pretty much involved us eating our own weight in junk food, watching the Olympics and planning our next day!

Saturday we headed over to Huddersfield with the hope that Christie could see her new bed in the showroom, you can probably guess that this didn't go quite to plan... 

Our hour and a half journey over there consisted of some of the most confusing traffic lights ever, a sat nav that thought it was hilarious to stop giving you directions in the middle of nowhere, oh and the best part, take you down cobbled roads which probably caused more damage to Fiona the Fiat 500, than the bed cost. The icing on the cake was when we arrived and was greeted by a woman who let us know that "we stopped stocking that bed a month ago, sorrrrryyyy." I don't think Christie was overly happy!

Following the eventful morning, we headed for Leeds for some retail therapy! Christie had let me test out some of her makeup that I hadn't tried before which resulted in me falling in love with it, buying it all for myself and becoming extremely poor once again! Both of us are going to do a joint shopping haul post, so you'll be able to see what we splurged on later this week!
Saturday night we went out for an Italian at once of my favourite restaurants, Boccaccio in Wakefield. If you're from anywhere near this area you have to try this place at least once, the food is heavenly and the staff are all Italian! They also have the most amazing marble tables, perfect for blog photography, but let's be honest you're not going to take your August favourites and quickly whip them out for a flat lay, are you?

I had the garlic bread for starters, a Margherita pizza for main and the most amazing chocolate fudge cake for desert. Christie had mozzarella in breadcrumbs for starter, chicken and bacon risotto for main and orange sorbet for desert, it looked delicious!
Looking fabulous with my 5 chins
After our meal we decided to go bowling, not the greatest idea after three courses I'll admit, but it was brilliant and so much fun! Followed by several games of air hockey until we couldn't take anymore! Following this came the highlight of our evening when we spotted the slush puppy stand, I don't even care if that's childish haha, both me and Christie were sat at a bar ordering a £1.50 slush puppy and having the time of our lives, NO SHAME.

On Sunday we headed to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, where we spent the day walking around with wallabies and the cutest monkeys! We took so many photos so again, a post all about the park will follow later this week!

I had such a brilliant weekend with Christie and cannot wait for next time! Keep an eye out for the rest of our weekend posts to follow! 

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SkinSincere Miniatures | Review*

A few weeks ago, I was offered the chance to test and review some products by the lovely Gemma, the owner of SkinSincere. Having read all about the products I couldn't wait to get my hands on them! The three products I received were a skin polish, a cleanser and a moisturiser. All of which are from the travel sized miniature aloe vera range, which is meant to be brilliant for all skin types and sensitive skin especially.

About SkinSincere
Skinsincere is a skincare company set up a few years ago by Gemma Allies, after her own struggles with sensitive skin. All products by SkinSincere are completely natural, organic and paraben free and if your thinking could they sound any better? Every product is 100% cruelty-free, which I love.

SkinSincere Clarifying Aloe Vera Skin Polish
This skin polish contains a blend of ingredients like avocado oil to help put moisture back into the skin and pumice stone to gently exfoliate. This left my skin feeling so clean and smooth and better still didn't irritate my skin at all, which is a rarity. One tip when using this polish though is to make sure you only gently rub it in, or it can be a little rough!

SkinSincere Aloe Vera Cleanser
I've been loving using this on an evening to clean and soothe my face with, and I've found that it works pretty well when it comes to taking off certain eye makeup too. This cleanser just like the other products in this range contains aloe vera juice, which is full of vitamins and brilliant for skin. This cleanser didn't irritate, sting or aggravate my skin at all, like most others usually do, making me enjoy using it even more.

SkinSincere Moisturiser
This has to be my favourite product out of them all! The aloe vera moisturiser if very creamy, yet doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky nor does it take forever to sink in. This moisturiser contains ingredients such as oatmeal which is known to be brilliant for dry skin and coconut oil, which works as an anti-inflammatory. 

Now I struggle to find a moisturiser that I can put on in the morning and apply makeup after, without dry skin reappearing later on in the day. So far this is the only one I have found that keeps my skin moisturised all day, so I was very happy!
Overall I loved these products and would definitely repurchase, especially the aloe vera moisturiser!

Each 50ml travel sized bottle costs £7 and if you are wanting to try before you buy, you can also request to be sent some samples to see what you think, on the SkinSincere website.

Have you tried SkinSincere before? If not which is your favourite skin care brand?

Netflix Favourites #2

I recently did a poll on my Twitter, asking which blog post you'd like to see up next. An updated Netflix favourites post won the poll obviously, but I was so happy about it as I loved writing about my previous ones! Enjoy and hopefully, you'll find your next series to binge watch!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
If you're looking for a light hearted comedy show, you have to check this out. It's based around Kimmy Schmidt, a young woman who has just been freed from an underground bunker, after being kidnapped and brainwashed by an insane reverend fifteen years ago. We see Kimmy on her journey to adjust to life in NYC, learn the latest lingo and sort her life out. All whilst hilarious situations happen around her. Now I can totally understand that you may think this show sounds nuts and as far away from a comedy as possible, but trust me its genius. 

Orange Is The New Black
Back in June, I finished season four of this show within a matter of days after it was released on Netflix. But oh my god was it one of the best, most heartbreaking seasons yet. In case you have never heard of Orange Is The New Black before, which I very much doubt. The first season is based around Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who gets sent to Lichfield prison for a crime she committed several years ago with her ex-girlfriend. As the show goes on we meet and learn about all the other inmates and we quickly learn just how corrupt Lichfield women's prison is. 

Pretty Little Liars
Now I know that this was in my previous Netflix favourites, but that was before season 7 started and I became glued to my tv once more. On top of this, I've decided to start watching Pretty Little Liars from the very start again, which just makes me even more confused haha. In case you're wondering what this show is about, I summed it up in this post. Or if you're a PLL fan and about to watch season 7, all you need to know is that it's slightly darker than previous seasons and there is just as much drama as usual!

Miranda Hart has always been one of my favourite comedians, so when she created this sitcom a few years ago, I knew I would love it. The show revolves around the life of Miranda, a tall, clumsy, awkward lady (basically me), and follows her hilarious attempts of trying to impress Gary, her long time crush, whilst trying to please her mother at the same time. If you're a fan of Miranda Hart then you'll love this show, I watch it over and over again and it never gets boring!

Absolutely Fabulous
I love this show! It revolves around Edina and Patsy, two best friends who are always causing mayhem, drinking too much and up to the wrong antics. Much to the dismay of Edina's daughter Saffron. Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, who are both just brilliant at comedy, portray the main characters in this show. So if you love those two women, I'm sure you're going to like this!

Are any of these shows your favourites too? & What do you recommend I binge watch next?
Let me know!

Reasons I Hated High School

Before Instagram filters, it was all about that sepia!
With it being four years since I left high school, I thought it was only right to reflect on all the reasons I hated it and share a few vile pictures with you along the way...

The Popular Kids
Certain people in this group were the type of people who would wind me up the most. Just because you weren't in their little group, they wouldn't even speak to you (even if you were best friends in junior school). They thought that together with their latest boyfriend, they were the latest BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z. Calm down love, you're not taking over the world just yet.
The Teacher Who Hated Kids
I'm sure certain teachers just took up the job to make their pupils life a living hell. Lets take Mr O, for example. Luckily I only ever had him as a cover teacher but that was by far enough. He was the type of teacher who terrified you before you even walked into the classroom! I know there's strict teachers who just want to get on with their work and vice versa, but Mr O over there didn't even want to hear you breathe. Sorry Sir, I forgot I came to school to die.

P.E Lessons
I enjoyed P.E lessons, unless it was our turn in the schools swimming pool! Don't get me wrong I love swimming, I just don't like to be forced to parade around doing so in front of 30 other class members. You were also one of the lucky ones if you had P.E at the end of the day, if not you got to walk around for the rest of the day stinking of chlorine and looking like you'd just been struck by lightning. Oh what joy.

This was the place you got to go to if you were in trouble, you know the place where they would sit you in isolation and pretend you've just robbed a bank rather than not done your homework? Yes, well I got called down here once from a lesson, having being accused of throwing an apple at somebody's head. I found that hilarious! FYI I rarely eat apples and my aim would be so bad I wouldn't have done much damage anyway. I shall just clarify though in case your thinking 'what sort of thugs blog am I reading here?', I DID NOT THROW THE APPLE!

Don't get me wrong there are certain things I loved about the place, how easy life was when you had nothing to worry about except homework and all the friends that surrounded you, but that's for a different post!

Did you enjoy high school? What were your least favourite things about it?
 I shall leave you with this horrific image, your welcome.

Things I've Learnt Since Starting Blogging

I Blame Every Purchase On Blogging
'I could write about all this makeup' and 'ooo, this would look so nice in blogging photos' are things I find myself thinking far too often. Now I generally don't buy things specifically for my blog but when I find myself at the tills buying three slightly different shades of red lipstick, blogging can take the blame just that once, haha!

I Take Thousands Of Photos
Go back a few years and there were probably 200 photos on my phone maximum. Fast forward to now, after having my phone for not even six months, there is around 2000. I take so many pictures of the same thing, you know lighting, angles, Instagram worthy and all.

I'm Obsessed With Twitter
I've never been much of a social media addict, up until now. If you were to look at my Facebook profile you'd be able to tell, I think the last status I posted was 'happy new year', yes I know, wild. Since starting blogging though, I've found a new love for Twitter! I get so excited when I log in and see the little number on the notifications tab. Now I don't mean that I get up and do a full jig around the room at the new follower or tweet I've received, but it's great to get funny tweets rather a notification on Facebook about which boyfriend some acquaintance just got dumped by.

Some Of The Nicest People Are Bloggers
Since starting my blog I've met so many lovely people in the blogging community. One thing I love is that you can reply to a tweet you see and instantly it's as though you've known each other years! So many other bloggers have similar interests as you do and every single Twitter chat I've joined in with, the bloggers are so welcoming even if you have no clue about the topic and are just wanting some advice.

What have you learnt since blogging? Do you do anything differently than before?

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Review

In case you didn't already know, Benefit are bringing out a whole new brow collection and I couldn't be more excited!

Included in this collection are some revamped old favourites such as Gimme Brow, which is now available in a brand new shade! Along with lots of new products, like the Goof Proof Brow Pencil, of which ELLE magazine are offering samples of in this month's issue.

Brow pencils have always been my go to brow product. If you were to give me eyeshadow or anything else my eyebrows would resemble slugs, honestly I am horrendous with them. Add the fact that Benefit created this new pencil, made me want to buy it even more when the collection gets released on the 24th of this month!

You had two options to choose from in ELLE, the darkest shade or shade 2, one of the lightest in the range and the one which I opted for. I was so impressed with how well the colour of this pencil matched my natural brows and out of all the brow pencils I own, I have to say that this is by far the best match. Bravo Benefit!
The application is so easy too! The wide part of the diamond shaped pencil makes it great for filling in your brows, whilst the pointed tip makes it a breeze to shape and define. Once you've got your brows 'on fleek' shall we say haha, it doesn't budge and you won't have to worry about re-touching all day long.

With the full sized product, a spoolie is also included at the other end of the pencil. I think this is a great idea, as I'm often running around at last minute like a mad woman, trying to find a brow brush!

As you've probably guessed by how much I'm raving on, I love this product! But one thing I need to mention is just how gorgeous the packaging is. This pencil is one of the prettiest things in my makeup bag and I shall warn you now that when the entire range comes out, my Instagram shall be full of Benefit packaging, sorry.

Have you seen the new collection? Which products are you most looking forward to?
Let me know!

Summer Blogging Goals

With Summer officially arriving, It got me thinking about what I'd like to achieve with my blog and all things related, over the next few months. So I thought I'd create a list with a few goals, so that I can look back later on in the year and see if I've actually achieved any of them!

Post More Consistently 
Posting more on my blog, is definitely the biggest goal I'm aiming for! I'd like to get back to posting two to three times a week like I used to do and I'd love to get ahead with my scheduled posts, which would make things so much easier!

Hit 5,000 Views
Compared to the thousands of other bloggers, this probably isn't many views at all! But for a little blog like mine, knowing that 5,000 people have had a read of it, would be an amazing feeling!

Write More Reviews
I love trying out new products, just half the time I forget to sit down and actually write about them! But considering that my Lush Oatifix Review is one of my most popular posts to date, I really should get typing!

Improve My Photography
When I look back at the photos I'd taken in my first few blog posts and compare them to more recent ones, I can already see the improvement that I've made! I really enjoy photography, so I'd love to keep on improving and learning more about my camera and the different features it has!

Reach 1,000 Twitter Followers
Again like I said about hitting 5,000 views, this would be amazing! I know this isn't many followers compared to some more well known bloggers, but I think its a lot and it would be a milestone to aim for!

Be Happy With My Blog Design
This is probably a never ending cycle that every blogger gets, I hope at least haha! There is always something that I want to change about my blog and at the moment, its the theme. I start off being so happy about the design, then slowly I get fed up of it and decide its time for a change!

What are your blogging goals for the next few months?
Let me know!

A Weekend In Whitby

Last bank holiday weekend, a bunch of us decided to pack the car and go off to Whitby for the day. Whitby is one of my favourite places to go however looking at the weather forecast, I was not going to be getting any bronzed glow, just frostbite.

When we eventually arrived, everybody headed straight to the fish & chip shop, before deciding it was a brilliant idea to eat our food whilst walking up to Whitby Abbey. Now we supposedly went the 'easy way' up, which turned out to be ten times worse and by halfway I was sat on a bench dying (It could be the fact I'm unfit, but lets just blame Whitby for now.) 
After we'd had a wander around, we headed back down the 199 steps, which was so much easier, to the beach. And after a while of trying to get the perfect picture of a wave (yes I know, how artsy am I), we went to have a look in the shops. I love how cute the shops are in Whitby, especially in the old town and I always manage to find something quirky that I want!
After a few hours of wandering around and eating lots of ice cream, a trip to the arcade was a necessary stop before the journey home. Honestly I would be such a gambler if I lived near the coast, those bloody 2p machines, haha! I did win a twitter keyring though, how fancy.

After a brilliant day out, it was time to head home and back to the warmth of the car!
 I thought I'd share a few pictures, so I hope you've enjoyed!

Have you ever been to Whitby? and whats your Favourite places to visit?
Let me know!

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