My Favourite Blogging Tools

I use Canva for doing anything design related to my blog! I'm somebody who is good on a computer but if you were to put Photoshop in front of me and ask me to make a blog header, nope sorry not happening!

 Canva is a super easy website that has lots of pre-made designs for you to use and edit for yourself, you also have the option to start from complete scratch with your own custom dimensions etc. The only things you have to pay for on Canva are certain stock images if you choose to use them however I have never had to pay anything as there are tons of free images available for you to use!

I find Buffer a really useful app when it comes to promoting my latest blog posts. Buffer is a free app and website that lets you schedule your tweets and other social media posts in advance, which is handy if your at work all day and want to share your post links a couple of times! 

This is probably my favourite app when it comes to Twitter and Instagram! it tracks your followers and unfollowers so when you get people who unfollow you and think you didn't notice, Crowdfire will tell you who they are haha! This app also lets you send automatic direct messages to your new followers, I think its a good idea but personally I don't use this feature as it annoys me when I get automated messages myself!

Social Media

Social media is so powerful when it comes down to blogging, I would definitely recommend joining Twitter as this has helped me so much since starting my blog!

There are lots of bloggers who host different Twitter chats most days of the week, by joining in with these chats you get to meet other bloggers and gain some really useful advice and blog ideas! Twitter is also great when you want to get your blog posts noticed, by using hashtags and tagging blogging accounts in your tweets, you can get your links seen by so many people!

Bloglovin' is another great site to join, it lets you keep track of all the blogs that you follow in one place, so when your favourite blogger writes a new post, you'll be sure not to miss it! Bloglovin' also suggests other blogs you might like to read based on who your following, which is great as you can discover some fantastic blogs that you won't have heard of before!

What are your favourite tools for blogging?
Do you have any recommendations?

Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask | Review

Having been impressed with Lush's Don't Look At Me face mask, I knew that the next time I was out I wanted to pick up a different mask to try out! I have pretty dry skin and sensitive skin, so with this in mind I had a look at the various face masks and ended up choosing Oatifix.

Oatifix is a fresh face mask that contains a blend of oats, bananas and vanilla, sounds delicious doesn't it? The oats in this mask were to soothe the skin, whilst the banana and vanilla are there to moisturize. 
I'll admit that this wasn't the easiest face mask to apply as the consistency is quite clumpy but if it does what Lush claim, I don't mind taking extra time when applying. One thing about this face mask that I loved was that whilst it smells good enough to eat, the smell unlike some other masks, wasn't overpowering at all.

I left this mask on for around 15 minutes and then off I went to wash it off with warm water. I took slightly longer removing this mask and double checking that I had washed off all the oats as I wouldn't want people thinking I couldn't eat breakfast without spilling it down myself! Once I had dried off my face I was so impressed with the results! My skin looked so much more moisturized, healthy and was a lot softer than before! Even the next day my skin still felt extremely clean and smooth and I didn't feel the need to put much moisturizer on at all and that's unusual for me.

Because the Lush face masks contain lots of fresh ingredients, they have around a three week use by date however I can see myself having used this pot up and having re purchased by the time it expires!

So if you have dry, sensitive skin or just want a moisturizing face mask, I would definitely recommend that you try this one!

Have you tried Oatifix or any of Lush's masks before?
Which is your favourite?
Let me know!

Beauty Wishlist | Spring

Certain parts of my skin are always super dry, no matter what I eat or what fancy moisturizers I use. So recently seeing that so many people are raving about the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and after researching all about it and reading lots of reviews I am determined to save up and buy a pot! 

Another product from Charlotte Tilbury that I've been eyeing up for a while was this lipstick in the shade Love Liberty. I think that all of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are gorgeous and I was set on getting the shade 'glastonbeppy', however with warmer weather (hopefully) approaching I decided to choose a more summery colour.

Another Lipstick I'd love to get my hands on is Twig from MAC. I love this shade and think It would look lovely as an everyday lipstick!

My sister almost bought me the Urban Decay Naked Smoky eyeshadow palette for my birthday but I decided to get some new Real Techniques brushes instead, as my old ones were falling to bits. So now whenever I'm in Debenhams and I walk past the Urban Decay stand I always remind my self to get saving so I can treat my self to this gorgeous palette.

The next thing I would love to get is the NARS sheer glow foundation, I can't even remember how long I've been wanting to try this! Everybody raves on and says how fantastic this foundation is and well, I am in need of a new one haha!

Last of all are two nail polishes from Barry M in the shades Laguna & Aloha. 
Barry M nail polishes are one of my favourites! I think that they are brilliant quality at a fantastic price and Barry M never fails to bring out plenty of polishes with all sorts of different effects. These polishes have coconut water and oil included in the formula to hydrate your nails, sounds fancy I know!

What's on your beauty wishlists?
Let me know!

Stupid Things I Did As A Kid

Slept at the other end of the end of the bed
Now this wasn't a fun sleepover kind of thing, it was all down to a spider. Finding a spider near where I was sleeping always freaked me out, I used to end up awake for hours, checking that the rest of its spidery family weren't coming to get me. For some mad reason I thought that sleeping at the other end of my bed would protect me from all creatures with eight legs and I didn't stay there for just one night, this went on for weeks!

Became obsessed with checking dates on food
Dinner time at my Grandmas house had always been and still is one of my favourite times. One day I had decided to make my self some beans & sausage and decided to check the date on the tin only to find that it was about eight years out of date! Regardless of how many people tell me that "tinned food keeps for years" blah blah blah, I still don't feel overly keen on eating something that's almost as old as me, thank you very much.

Watched High School Musical every single night
How on earth did I never get bored of this film? My poor Mum once again has my Grandma to thank for this! When my Grandma decided to buy me this film as a present, I don't think she quite understood how much she would learn to regret it. Oh did I become hooked on this film and slightly obsessed with Troy Bolton! I had the DVD on every single night for months on end, not joking I probably knew almost every single word and would be the High School Musical quiz champion if there ever was such a thing. 

Got my head stuck in a garden gate
This happened a lot longer than ten years ago but you'll probably be able to gather that being a complete idiot runs in me. Me and my friend were playing in her garden, which had a brick wall around with a metal gate at the very end. Once you went through the gate there were three steps up and a sloped path to her house. My friend had a younger brother so they had tons of toys, especially the ones you sit on and push along with your feet. For some reason (me being the wise person I am) I decide to try ride the toy giraffe tricycle down the slope and attempt to get down the stairs. Now any normal person wouldn't even think about going down concrete steps on a flipping kids tricycle but where's the fun in that hah! My dare devil stunt ended with a screaming Sally cut eyebrow and all, being saved by the next door neighbor. I do remember getting lots of sympathy and ice cream when the ice cream van came around though, happy days!

What daft things did you get up to as a child?
Such a happy child!

13 Things I'd Like To Do This Year

I have so many things that I'd love to do in the future however I'd probably have to take out a bank loan to actually achieve them any time soon. Here's a list of thirteen things I'd like to do this year that seem more realistic and achievable...

* Go on a road trip to France, maybe even Spain
* Improve my photography
* Be more spontaneous 
* Eat healthier
* Get to know some bloggers
* Join the gym and go more than once
* Read more
* Go skiing/snowboarding (and probably break a few bones)
* Eat less McDonald's
* Go to London
* Improve & grow my blog
* Make my Instagram feed look fancy
* Win £25 on the Lottery (lol when does that ever happen)

What would you like to do these coming months?
Let me know!

Current Favourites | Netflix

Being somebody who struggles to fall asleep at night, I love Netflix! 
Usually I'll decide to watch an episode of the latest series I'm hooked on at around midnight, as you can probably guess, I'm still awake hours later trying not to hit the next episode button!

Here are a few series' that I've been loving recently.

White Collar
This is the main series I'm watching at the minute, It's about a convicted con artist called Neil Caffrey who escapes from prison only to make a deal with Peter Burke (the FBI agent who caught him) to work alongside him helping him solve all sorts of different crimes. When I first saw this on Netflix I didn't bother watching it as I'm not one for crime shows and thought it would be similar to programmes like CSI & NCIS however its nowhere near as serious and is very witty and funny!

The Vampire Diaries
Just like white collar, I never bothered to watch The Vampire Diaries either as I've never really watched supernatural sort of shows however I got hooked and managed to watch the entire six seasons on Netflix in two weeks. There is honestly so much that goes on in this show I wouldn't know where to start but if you like vampires & two swoon-worthy brothers, this might just be for you.

Jane The Virgin
When I read the description of this show I never thought it would have such a brilliant story line! The show revolves around Jane Villanueva a twenty four year old who is accidentally artificially inseminated. Then once you add a fiance, a murder mystery and your old crush into the mix it soon gets interesting and quite addictive, even though I completely understand how bonkers it sounds.

Skins used to be my favourite programme when it was on E4 years ago and I can always remember me and my friend sneakily trying to watch it when we were about 14 and feeling like utter rebels. Basically Skins is about a gang of unruly teens/young adults who get into all sorts of trouble and enjoy causing drama. There is seven seasons of this show, all are great but I especially love watching back the first two original seasons.

Pretty Little Liars
I'm pretty sure that this has to be one of Netflix's most popular shows and just like The Vampire Diaries I got through all six seasons in two weeks (I do go outside sometimes, promise). Pretty Little Liars is about five friends but when Alison goes missing, Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily all start receiving threatening texts from 'A', who threatens to expose their darkest secrets. With the texts coming in and 'A' seemingly watching the girls everywhere they go, they must figure out who 'A' is and what happened to Alison.

What are your favourite shows to watch on Netflix? Which shows would you recommend?
Let me know!

New Look Fashion Wish list | Spring

For a while now I've been wanting to get a bomber jacket so when I came across this one on the New Look website I knew I had to add it to this wish list! I love the floral pattern on the jacket and the fact that its not black, as 90% of my wardrobe is either black or stripy and this year I'm determined to look a little more colourful.

Looking through the tops I found this Mint Green Neck Top which I love the detailing on and this Mustard Shoulder Top, which I think would look lovely when the weathers slightly warmer, if that ever happens.

I also found this Denim Smock T-shirt, which again I love the detailing of and think that it would look really nice and casual with a pair of leggings and converse/flats.

I wore a pinafore dress for my birthday back in February and probably scared a few people away with my pale legs whilst I was at it however it was super comfy and casual, so with the warmer weather approaching I decided that I'd have a look at some others and found this which I love the pattern of!

What's on your spring fashion wish list?

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