Stupid Things I Did As A Kid

Slept at the other end of the end of the bed
Now this wasn't a fun sleepover kind of thing, it was all down to a spider. Finding a spider near where I was sleeping always freaked me out, I used to end up awake for hours, checking that the rest of its spidery family weren't coming to get me. For some mad reason I thought that sleeping at the other end of my bed would protect me from all creatures with eight legs and I didn't stay there for just one night, this went on for weeks!

Became obsessed with checking dates on food
Dinner time at my Grandmas house had always been and still is one of my favourite times. One day I had decided to make my self some beans & sausage and decided to check the date on the tin only to find that it was about eight years out of date! Regardless of how many people tell me that "tinned food keeps for years" blah blah blah, I still don't feel overly keen on eating something that's almost as old as me, thank you very much.

Watched High School Musical every single night
How on earth did I never get bored of this film? My poor Mum once again has my Grandma to thank for this! When my Grandma decided to buy me this film as a present, I don't think she quite understood how much she would learn to regret it. Oh did I become hooked on this film and slightly obsessed with Troy Bolton! I had the DVD on every single night for months on end, not joking I probably knew almost every single word and would be the High School Musical quiz champion if there ever was such a thing. 

Got my head stuck in a garden gate
This happened a lot longer than ten years ago but you'll probably be able to gather that being a complete idiot runs in me. Me and my friend were playing in her garden, which had a brick wall around with a metal gate at the very end. Once you went through the gate there were three steps up and a sloped path to her house. My friend had a younger brother so they had tons of toys, especially the ones you sit on and push along with your feet. For some reason (me being the wise person I am) I decide to try ride the toy giraffe tricycle down the slope and attempt to get down the stairs. Now any normal person wouldn't even think about going down concrete steps on a flipping kids tricycle but where's the fun in that hah! My dare devil stunt ended with a screaming Sally cut eyebrow and all, being saved by the next door neighbor. I do remember getting lots of sympathy and ice cream when the ice cream van came around though, happy days!

What daft things did you get up to as a child?
Such a happy child!


  1. OMG High School Musical! That's such a blast from the past! I think I watched it 1000 times as well, I can still sing all the songs from memory! I used to have a scrapbook where I stuck all the HSM pictures and posters and articles from magazines too - cringe! :P

    1. Haha, no way! I don't think I ever got around to making a scrapbook, but I did buy the Nintendo Wii HSM dance game to try and learn all the routines! Oh dear... haha

  2. Oh Sally I love this post! I went through a similar obsession with HSM so I'm glad it wasn't just me! I used to do all sorts of silly things - one thing that sticks out is the time my dad came looking for me when I hadn't come home in time for curfew and he found me stuck up a tree! I didn't even get in trouble because he found it so funny!

    Katie | KNEL xx

    1. Aw thank you, I'm glad I wasn't the only one. Oh dear haha! I never really climbed a tree as I was a wimp and too afraid of heights!xx


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