BBTAG 10 Fun Questions & Answers!

Thank you to the lovely Eleri over at Spa Me Away, who has tagged me to do this fun beauty Q&A tag! I hope you enjoy finding out more about my beauty favourites and routines!

What is your proudest beauty moment?
I think I'd have to say that my proudest beauty moment was my birthday back in February. I spent ages doing my makeup and crossing my fingers that my eyeliner wouldn't smudge just like it usually does! Luckily it didn't and I was so happy that all my make up stayed put and looked good all night!

What is your most daring beauty moment?
This definitely has to be my prom! I did my own make up for this and as much as I loved make up, I wasn't as interested in it as I am now. As well as that YouTube and 'beauty gurus' weren't as big back then, so you didn't have all the brilliant tutorials and advice to learn from like you do now!

Are there any beauty looks/trends you would like to try?
One beauty look I'd love to finally master, is the winged liner look! I love eyeliner but if I try to do the perfect wing, its never goes right. I usually end up with wonky looking eyes and looking as though I've just been punched!

Have you had any beauty disasters?
Oh yes, so many! especially when I was just starting to figure make up out! I'm sure a lot of people did the same thing as me, but when I was about 14/15 years old, more was definitely better! I always used tons of mascara and ended up with thick horrid lashes and I can always remember asking my friend to do my foundation flawless like hers (which actually meant 'will you apply half a tube of foundation so it takes me 500 make up wipes to get rid). As you can probably guess, we cringe when we see old photos of ourselves!

Would you like to make any changes to your skincare/beauty routine?
 I'd love to find some new skincare products for my skin type and learn more about the various benefits and create a better skincare routine for myself.

Of course it wouldn’t be SPA ME AWAY without some spa related questions! What do you do at home to pamper yourself?
I usually apply my favourite face mask and run a nice hot bath whilst I'm waiting to rinse it off. I love to add a fancy Lush bath bomb if I have any or if not I add plenty of bubbles! After my bath I tend to get the Ben & Jerry's ice cream out and eat far too much, whilst cosying up and watching a funny film!

What is your favourite spa treatment? If you’ve never been to a spa, what spa treatment would you like to try?
I've never been to a spa before! The gym I'm a member of has one that I've been meaning to go to for so long now, but I would definitely have a massage and a facial.

What is your feel good beauty product?
I love my Lush Oatifix face mask! It always leaves my skin so soft and moisturized which makes me feel more confident as I know that my skin will look good! I also love my Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palettes as the quality is brilliant and I know that it will last all day whenever I apply it! 

Where/who is your favourite beauty place/person and why? This can be your beautician, local makeup counter or store, hairdresser, spa or anyone or anywhere in between! Spread the love & Tag them!
My favourite beauty place to go is my local hairdressers, I always leave feeling like my hair looks fabulous haha! Other than that I love going for a browse around Boots & Debenhams.

What beauty blogger inspires you most and why? Tag them!
Two of my favourite beauty bloggers are Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup. I love how passionate they are about beauty and I really admire how consistent and high quality the content on their blogs is!


  1. Yay great questions! You definitely need to check out the spa at your gym, it's sooo relaxing to have a spa day <33 Ben & Jerrys after a bath is a great shout as well :D

    1. They were! I do, I WILL go by the end of this year haha!x

  2. This is a awesome Q&A! Loved reading this!!

    Amelia |

    1. Aw Thank you, I loved answering these questions! Thanks for reading!x


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