Cabana Brasilian Barbecue Event

Last Thursday It was time to go to my first blogging event over at Cabana Brasilian Barbecue in Leeds! The event was held to let you experience a taste of their new all day dining menu and it sounded delicious. This was the first time me or my friend Grace had ever been to Cabana so we were very exited to try it out!
 As soon as we walked into the restaurant everybody was so friendly and we were offered a drink straight away, Grace had a glass of red wine and I had a can of Sumol passion fruit (as I don't drink anyway). On the way to sit down Grace was also given a Caipirinha, which she ended up having another three of, so I think its safe to say that she thought they were lovely!
We were then brought over various samples of the new menu to try, starting with the malagueta hummus with cucumber and carrot sticks which was a lovely healthy snack. followed by a serving of SalchiPapa, this was a bowl of sweet potato fries with malagueta mayo and topped with pork and papaya sausage. I'd have to say that out of everything I tried that evening, the SalchiPapa was my favourite and I was extremely happy when I saw the waitress heading over to our table with another bowl!
The next things we got to try were the spicy malagueta chicken lettuce wraps and the bahian coconut curry. I'm not usually a lover of curry, but I really did enjoy this as did Grace and it wasn't long until the bowl was empty. My rubbish picture doesn't do it justice at all, it was so tasty as were the spicy malagueta chicken wraps!
Last of all were the churros! when they arrived at our table they looked delicious and I was convinced I would love them, probably because there was a pot of chocolate that was sat next to them! However it turned out that this was the one thing that I wasn't too keen on. Grace really liked them on the other hand but like I said, the Salchipapa was my favourite!

One thing I loved about the restaurant was the atmosphere. Even though the restaurant was busy full of people trying the new menu, the atmosphere was so relaxed! Cabana also had a fantastic musician who was playing for the evening, who kept everybody entertained with his wonderful music.

 Something else both me and Grace loved was the decor, some of the seats were covered in old denim jeans, whilst copper lanterns hung from the ceiling. I'm also now determined to find those l
lanterns and cover my bedroom in them, haha!
On our way out of the event, the organisers handed us a goody bag each which included a cocktail voucher, a cabana bucks voucher and some chocolates, which was so lovely of them! I've already decided that the next time I go back, I'm ordering the dough balls, which look so good

I really loved going to my first blogging event at Cabana and I'm so glad I was invited along. 
Have you ever tried this restaurant? Whats your favourite dish?
Let me know!

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