Things I've Learnt Since Starting Blogging

I Blame Every Purchase On Blogging
'I could write about all this makeup' and 'ooo, this would look so nice in blogging photos' are things I find myself thinking far too often. Now I generally don't buy things specifically for my blog but when I find myself at the tills buying three slightly different shades of red lipstick, blogging can take the blame just that once, haha!

I Take Thousands Of Photos
Go back a few years and there were probably 200 photos on my phone maximum. Fast forward to now, after having my phone for not even six months, there is around 2000. I take so many pictures of the same thing, you know lighting, angles, Instagram worthy and all.

I'm Obsessed With Twitter
I've never been much of a social media addict, up until now. If you were to look at my Facebook profile you'd be able to tell, I think the last status I posted was 'happy new year', yes I know, wild. Since starting blogging though, I've found a new love for Twitter! I get so excited when I log in and see the little number on the notifications tab. Now I don't mean that I get up and do a full jig around the room at the new follower or tweet I've received, but it's great to get funny tweets rather a notification on Facebook about which boyfriend some acquaintance just got dumped by.

Some Of The Nicest People Are Bloggers
Since starting my blog I've met so many lovely people in the blogging community. One thing I love is that you can reply to a tweet you see and instantly it's as though you've known each other years! So many other bloggers have similar interests as you do and every single Twitter chat I've joined in with, the bloggers are so welcoming even if you have no clue about the topic and are just wanting some advice.

What have you learnt since blogging? Do you do anything differently than before?


  1. I started blogging less than a week ago and I must say I am so in love. I never expected people to even read my stuff but they left some nice comments and they just make my day. This post is on point :) I have felt so many of these things. Ive started taking so many more pictures and Im learning so much.

    1. Really? your blog looks brilliant! I agree with you, I love reading and replying to comments! I know, there is tons of new things you learn but I enjoy learning something new about blogging every day!x

  2. I definitely spend a lot more time at beauty counters and on the internet because of blogging. I wouldn't change it for the world. I also have about 16 photos of the same thing hahaha. Great post, I followed you on Bloglovin'. Thanks for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Oh my gosh, I'm terrible at beauty counters now! I know, I have so many that are hardly different but I still won't delete them from my camera feed haha! Thank you, I've followed you back!xx

  3. All of those things are so true! I'm especially bad with taking far too many photos.
    - Emily from ♡

  4. I loved reading this!! <3 such a lovely post! I recently started blogging and i can totally see these this become true for me too!

    Amelia |

  5. This is so relatable! We agree with everythingggg you wrote! Especially the purchasing part, in our case, eating out🙈

    Twitter, taking pictures, oh and the bloggers - just agree with it all! Loved this so much, thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James ☺️💓

  6. Hahaha I make "I can blog about this" purchases soooo much now! I agree with you about the loveliess of the blogging community as well, almost everyone I've met has been so kind!

    Abbey ✨

  7. most of my photos on my camera role are blogging related too! lol So annoying. And I am so twitter obsessed!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. Lovely post! I definitely think that bloggers are some of the most genuinely kind people out there too.


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