Reasons I Hated High School

Before Instagram filters, it was all about that sepia!
With it being four years since I left high school, I thought it was only right to reflect on all the reasons I hated it and share a few vile pictures with you along the way...

The Popular Kids
Certain people in this group were the type of people who would wind me up the most. Just because you weren't in their little group, they wouldn't even speak to you (even if you were best friends in junior school). They thought that together with their latest boyfriend, they were the latest Beyoncé and Jay Z. Calm down love, you're not taking over the world just yet.
The Teacher Who Hated Kids
I'm sure certain teachers just took up the job to make their pupils life a living hell. Lets take Mr O, for example. Luckily I only ever had him as a cover teacher but that was by far enough. He was the type of teacher who terrified you before you even walked into the classroom! I know there's strict teachers who just want to get on with their work and vice versa, but Mr O over there didn't even want to hear you breathe. Sorry Sir, I forgot I came to school to die.

P.E Lessons
I enjoyed P.E lessons, unless it was our turn in the schools swimming pool! Don't get me wrong I love swimming, I just don't like to be forced to parade around doing so in front of 30 other class members. You were also one of the lucky ones if you had P.E at the end of the day, if not you got to walk around for the rest of the day stinking of chlorine and looking like you'd just been struck by lightning. Oh what joy.

This was the place you got to go to if you were in trouble, you know the place where they would sit you in isolation and pretend you've just robbed a bank rather than not done your homework? Yes, well I got called down here once from a lesson, having being accused of throwing an apple at somebody's head. I found that hilarious! FYI I rarely eat apples and my aim would be so bad I wouldn't have done much damage anyway. I shall just clarify though in case your thinking 'what sort of thugs blog am I reading here?', I DID NOT THROW THE APPLE!

Don't get me wrong there are certain things I loved about the place, how easy life was when you had nothing to worry about except homework and all the friends that surrounded you, but that's for a different post!

Did you enjoy high school? What were your least favourite things about it?
 I shall leave you with this horrific image, your welcome.


  1. I honestly believe that the maths teacher I had last year shouldn't even be teaching. He was the worst! He was our teacher for additional mathematics and his teaching method was giving his class a worksheet with one worked example which was always easier than all the other questions on the bloody paper. One time I went up to him to ask him to explain something to me cause I was getting pissed that he wasn't teaching us for such an important subject and he rolled his eyes and acted stank as though I was doing him a disfavor.
    Chanté| The Enchantéd blog

  2. I hated high school, but see looking back now I realise how much I panicked over nothing, and all the things I wish I had done differently. Also the popular kids from my year are now nobodies wishing it was still highschool. which is pretty satisfying lol

  3. Omg you thug Sally 😉 Heheh don't worry I believe it wasn't you! I've found that more often than not, most of the popular kids peaked in high school and are now doing nothing with their lives! Unpopular kids FTW! 😂🙌🏼

    Abbey ✨

  4. God it's 8 years since I left school now so it's getting a bit hard to remember!! I think I probably forget how rubbish some bits of it were now, I've ended up only really remembering the funny things... Maybe I'm just getting old and my memory's gone!

    Great post, made me all nostalgic :)

    Rebecca xx
    - -

  5. i absolutely hated high school! i feel like i graduated so long ago it doesn't even feel like it was really me, if that makes any sense haha. so glad to be past it!

    danielle | avec danielle

  6. High school wasn't too bad for me, but I agree about the 'popular kids'.... where are they now?


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