A Day At Yorkshire Wildlife Park | Christaabelle Collab

With both me and fellow blogger Christie being huge animal lovers, we decided to finish off our weekend together by going for a day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park! The park is about half an hour away from me and has everything from meerkats to polar bears to the odd camel! One thing I loved about this wildlife park was how well the animals were looked after, they had brilliant enclosures and were clearly very happy! Here's a few snippets of what we got up to when we went quite literally, walking with wildlife..
The first animals we arrived at were the meerkats, which I absolutely love! I love their little personalities and how cheeky they are, especially when the worker was trying to clean their enclosure and one just refused to cooperate.
We then went to see the lions, who just slept the entire time! In fact, we only saw one big cat who was actually awake and that was only because he was trying to impress the ladies next door!
At Yorkshire Wildlife Park you're able to walk in the wallaby and lemur enclosures which was amazing, especially since watching Madagascar all those years ago and being captivated by King Julien! Just like the lions, they were a pretty lazy bunch too! But occasionally they would charge after each other and end up right next to you, which made me love them even more!
After we'd finished trying to take selfies with wallabies, we headed to see the giraffes and the random ostrich which followed them, Christie wasn't a fan but it was the only animal willing to pose for a picture haha!

Overall this was one of my favorite wildlife parks that I've been to and I'd definitely recommend going. I know that next time Christie's over we will be visiting again, checking out the latest editions to the park!

I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures of all the gorgeous animals and let me know if you've ever been to Yorkshire Wildlife Park before!

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A Weekend With Christaabelle

Last Friday it was time to pick up fellow beauty and lifestyle blogger Christie from the train station, and let our long awaited girlie weekend begin! 

Once I'd picked Christie up and heard all about the dribbling guy sat next to her on the train journey over, it was time to head to the supermarket to stock up on every fattening food there is, Ben & Jerrys, Doritos, M&M's and so much more unhealthiness. 

Once we'd had a few odd looks from the cashier we decided to go all out and head for McDonald's, little did we know it would turn into a twenty-mile journey trying to find one that wasn't closed for refurbishment, so that we could satisfy our need of chicken nuggets and all the fries. Friday evening pretty much involved us eating our own weight in junk food, watching the Olympics and planning our next day!

Saturday we headed over to Huddersfield with the hope that Christie could see her new bed in the showroom, you can probably guess that this didn't go quite to plan... 

Our hour and a half journey over there consisted of some of the most confusing traffic lights ever, a sat nav that thought it was hilarious to stop giving you directions in the middle of nowhere, oh and the best part, take you down cobbled roads which probably caused more damage to Fiona the Fiat 500, than the bed cost. The icing on the cake was when we arrived and was greeted by a woman who let us know that "we stopped stocking that bed a month ago, sorrrrryyyy." I don't think Christie was overly happy!

Following the eventful morning, we headed for Leeds for some retail therapy! Christie had let me test out some of her makeup that I hadn't tried before which resulted in me falling in love with it, buying it all for myself and becoming extremely poor once again! Both of us are going to do a joint shopping haul post, so you'll be able to see what we splurged on later this week!
Saturday night we went out for an Italian at once of my favourite restaurants, Boccaccio in Wakefield. If you're from anywhere near this area you have to try this place at least once, the food is heavenly and the staff are all Italian! They also have the most amazing marble tables, perfect for blog photography, but let's be honest you're not going to take your August favourites and quickly whip them out for a flat lay, are you?

I had the garlic bread for starters, a Margherita pizza for main and the most amazing chocolate fudge cake for desert. Christie had mozzarella in breadcrumbs for starter, chicken and bacon risotto for main and orange sorbet for desert, it looked delicious!
Looking fabulous with my 5 chins
After our meal we decided to go bowling, not the greatest idea after three courses I'll admit, but it was brilliant and so much fun! Followed by several games of air hockey until we couldn't take anymore! Following this came the highlight of our evening when we spotted the slush puppy stand, I don't even care if that's childish haha, both me and Christie were sat at a bar ordering a £1.50 slush puppy and having the time of our lives, NO SHAME.

On Sunday we headed to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, where we spent the day walking around with wallabies and the cutest monkeys! We took so many photos so again, a post all about the park will follow later this week!

I had such a brilliant weekend with Christie and cannot wait for next time! Keep an eye out for the rest of our weekend posts to follow! 

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SkinSincere Miniatures | Review*

A few weeks ago, I was offered the chance to test and review some products by the lovely Gemma, the owner of SkinSincere. Having read all about the products I couldn't wait to get my hands on them! The three products I received were a skin polish, a cleanser and a moisturiser. All of which are from the travel sized miniature aloe vera range, which is meant to be brilliant for all skin types and sensitive skin especially.

About SkinSincere
Skinsincere is a skincare company set up a few years ago by Gemma Allies, after her own struggles with sensitive skin. All products by SkinSincere are completely natural, organic and paraben free and if your thinking could they sound any better? Every product is 100% cruelty-free, which I love.

SkinSincere Clarifying Aloe Vera Skin Polish
This skin polish contains a blend of ingredients like avocado oil to help put moisture back into the skin and pumice stone to gently exfoliate. This left my skin feeling so clean and smooth and better still didn't irritate my skin at all, which is a rarity. One tip when using this polish though is to make sure you only gently rub it in, or it can be a little rough!

SkinSincere Aloe Vera Cleanser
I've been loving using this on an evening to clean and soothe my face with, and I've found that it works pretty well when it comes to taking off certain eye makeup too. This cleanser just like the other products in this range contains aloe vera juice, which is full of vitamins and brilliant for skin. This cleanser didn't irritate, sting or aggravate my skin at all, like most others usually do, making me enjoy using it even more.

SkinSincere Moisturiser
This has to be my favourite product out of them all! The aloe vera moisturiser if very creamy, yet doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky nor does it take forever to sink in. This moisturiser contains ingredients such as oatmeal which is known to be brilliant for dry skin and coconut oil, which works as an anti-inflammatory. 

Now I struggle to find a moisturiser that I can put on in the morning and apply makeup after, without dry skin reappearing later on in the day. So far this is the only one I have found that keeps my skin moisturised all day, so I was very happy!
Overall I loved these products and would definitely repurchase, especially the aloe vera moisturiser!

Each 50ml travel sized bottle costs £7 and if you are wanting to try before you buy, you can also request to be sent some samples to see what you think, on the SkinSincere website.

Have you tried SkinSincere before? If not which is your favourite skin care brand?

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