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With both me and fellow blogger Christie being huge animal lovers, we decided to finish off our weekend together by going for a day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park! The park is about half an hour away from me and has everything from meerkats to polar bears to the odd camel! One thing I loved about this wildlife park was how well the animals were looked after, they had brilliant enclosures and were clearly very happy! Here's a few snippets of what we got up to when we went quite literally, walking with wildlife..
The first animals we arrived at were the meerkats, which I absolutely love! I love their little personalities and how cheeky they are, especially when the worker was trying to clean their enclosure and one just refused to cooperate.
We then went to see the lions, who just slept the entire time! In fact, we only saw one big cat who was actually awake and that was only because he was trying to impress the ladies next door!
At Yorkshire Wildlife Park you're able to walk in the wallaby and lemur enclosures which was amazing, especially since watching Madagascar all those years ago and being captivated by King Julien! Just like the lions, they were a pretty lazy bunch too! But occasionally they would charge after each other and end up right next to you, which made me love them even more!
After we'd finished trying to take selfies with wallabies, we headed to see the giraffes and the random ostrich which followed them, Christie wasn't a fan but it was the only animal willing to pose for a picture haha!

Overall this was one of my favorite wildlife parks that I've been to and I'd definitely recommend going. I know that next time Christie's over we will be visiting again, checking out the latest editions to the park!

I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures of all the gorgeous animals and let me know if you've ever been to Yorkshire Wildlife Park before!

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  1. Wow! This looks amazing! I didn't realise there was a place like this in Yorkshire. I live in Leeds, so I'm definitely going to go soon, so glad I read this.
    Tina x www.teaisfortina.co.uk

    1. I didn't either until not long ago but it's definitely worth a visit! I'm near Leeds too and it didn't take us long to get to at all, the parks just outside of Doncaster!x

    2. Amazing! Thanks! I can't wait! x

  2. Oh wow! I love wildlife parks and this one looks amazing!

    Ella xx

  3. I've never been but definitely want to. Looks so sweet. X Beth - www.bethparnaby.com

  4. What adorable animals!! So glad I found your blog xx

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

    1. They really were! Aw thank you, I hope you enjoy reading!xx

  5. Your photos are so great! I visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park last year and the walk through enclosures are really great. There where tiger cubs last year, bet they are really grown up now! =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  6. So many great photos. I love all kinds of zoos and wild life parks! x



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