Collective Beauty Haul | Christaabelle Collaboration

Finishing off my collaborations with Christie is our collective haul! Yes, that's right, we went shopping and spent far too much...

My Shopping List
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette - Before we hit the shops, Christie let me try her palette and I instantly fell in love! For a start the palette smells of chocolate which is heavenly and the quality of the eyeshadows is fantastic. The colours are so pigmented and easily as good as the Urban Decay Naked palettes.
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - I have been wanting this foundation for so long now but just never got around to buying it, until we went into Space NK! There has been so much hype about this foundation for so long and now I can finally understand why. It is hands down the best foundation I have used, it doesn't dry my skin out at all and lasts perfectly all day without budging.
Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder - The last of the products that Christie let me test out was this setting powder and you probably guessed that I fell in love with this too! I have always been a Rimmel Stay Matte megafan and would have never dreamed of spending so much on a powder but it is so worth, this product is seriously amazing.
Kiko Everlasting Kajal Pencil Eyeliner - I already have tons of black pencil eyeliners but when I spotted this in the Kiko sale for a ridiculously cheap price, both me and Christie had to pick one up to add to our collections! This pencil glides on so easily and looks lovely.
NYX Matte Liquid Eyeliner - I've always loved Rimmel's Glam Eyes liner but with NYX
arriving in Boots, I knew I had to try something by them! I picked up this liquid liner mainly because of the brush and I love it. The precise, fine brush that this eyeliner has makes applying winged liner super easy and it doesn't budge all day long.
Last of all are the things I picked up from Lush, one of my guilty pleasures. I picked up three bubble bars which were Rose Jam, Creamy Candy and Pop in the bath, which all smell amazing and are my new obsession! Also I bought the Marshmallow bath oil after previously using Razzle Dazzle and loving the benefits and finally is the Butterball bath bomb, which smells heavenly.

Christies Shopping List
Whilst Christe was over, she told me that she had never been to KIKO before so of course, we had to pay a visit. KIKO had a sale on at the time and Christie managed to pick up some real bargains!
Kiko Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow - Shade 13  Golden Peach/Pearly Burnt Sienna - £8.90
The first thing that Cristie picked up was this gorgeous eyeshadow duo which looked so lovely on, it can be used wet or dry and is the perfect duo for when you quickly want to apply eyeshadow!
Kiko Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow - Shade 143 - £2.90
Another eyeshadow found in the sale was this light pink shade, perfect for the inner corners or to use along side the baked duo that I mentioned earlier!

Kiko Water Eyeshadow - Shade 208 - £8.90
This is another eyeshadow that again can be used wet or dry, it is unbelievably pigmented and just so Instagram-worthy haha.

Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow - Shade 248 - £2.80
This was one of the things that Christie picked up in the sale, it was such good value and even though I wouldn't see myself buying this and being able to pull off this shade, it looked lovely when Christie applied it.
Kiko Cleansing Scrub £2.40
The last thing from KIKO was this cleansing scrub, Christie was hesitant to buy this at first being only £2.40 but after testing it she said it was very gentle on the skin and couldn't wait to review it fully.

Artis Brush Foam Cleanser - £20 Space NK
Following my splurge in Space NK, Christie joined me on buying this Artis brush Foam Cleanser, probably one of the most expensive liquids you could find. However, after testing it out Christie said that it was well worth the money and one of the best brush cleaners she had used!
LUSH Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar - £3.65
 No shopping trip can ever be complete without a trip to Lush, I think many people will agree with me on this one. From Lush Christie picked up two bubble bars, Pop In The Bath and Milky Bath which both are so cute to look at! Pop In The Bath is also my new addiction, seriously it smells heavenly.
LUSH Milky Bath Bubble Bar - £3.75
LUSH Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb - £3.75
Last of all is the Dragons Egg bath bomb, which we had a demonstration of in the shop. The colours in this bath bomb are incredible and create such a lovely colour, Christie is a big fan!

I hope you enjoyed our hauls! Have you ever tried any of these products? 
Let me know!

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  1. Lovely haul! I'm so late on the Sheer Glow hype. I need to try it!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. Those Kiko eyeshadows are so pretty!



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