21 Things Before My 21st

With my 21st birthday approaching this coming Sunday and a blogging break that let's just say.. lasted too long. I thought I'd make my first post back a positive one by listing 21 things that I've done/achieved since my 20th birthday that make me happy!

1. Went to see Bastille in concert! 

2. Country walks.
Oh, I bloody love them now! I don't know if it's me getting slightly older or just less lazy, but I've found a whole new love for going outdoors and exploring new places, especially taking my camera and a dog with me.

3. Made new friends

4. Traveled more
This makes it sound like I've been swanning off to exotic places like the Caribbean, but trust me I haven't, just Nottingham.

5. Passed My Business & Administration courses at work!

6. Quit the gym, hahaa.

7. Got my dream car
It had always been my goal, even before learning to drive to one day own a Mini. But taking into consideration, insurance, tax and the actual car itself, I knew it wasn't going to happen overnight. Over the last few years, I started off with Connie the trusty Corsa and then upgraded to Fiona the fiat 500, before eventually being able to sell Fiona and upgrade to my dream little Mini!

8. Discovered Zizzi (Italian restaurant)
Dough balls, dough balls, dough balls

9.  Become more confident

10. Figured out how to do my eyebrows so that they look fairly, OK.

11.  Made a Youtube video
Not that I ever uploaded it, haha!

12. Learnt more about and improved my photography!

13. Learnt how to sew!
It may only be simple little things at the minute but it's so enjoyable. Unless you keep sewing things the wrong way, which I have a slight tendency to do, whoops.

14. Attended my first blogger event!

15. Experimented with the style of clothing I like

16. Laughed more

17. Read more books!

18. Tried new foods
I am one of the fussiest eaters going, so this is something I'm proud of!

19. Spent more time with the people I'm closest to!

20. Put a stop to things that made me unhappy

21. Started looking at courses for what I want to do in the future!

I'm so happy with the things that I've achieved this year and I can't wait to see what my 21st year brings! Hopefully more blog posts hahaha.

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