20 Things To Do On A Summers Day

When a sunny day comes along, especially in England. It's a shame to not make the most out of it. So I've put together a list of some of my favourite things to do when the weathers at its finest and hopefully you'll take some inspiration from them too!

1. Go for a walk & If you have a dog why not take them with you!

2. Have a pub lunch & relax in the beer garden

3. Have a BBQ

4. Head for a day out at the sea side

5. Throw a garden party

 6. Go swimming at your nearest outdoor swimming pool!

7. Have a picnic in the park

8. Get together with friends and play your favourite sports!

9. Go for a bike ride

10. Go to a zoo/farm

11.  Do some gardening, if your wanting a tan this is the way to get one!

12. Take some pictures, the lighting will be perfect haha!

13. Do some reading whilst lounging in the garden

14. Check what events are going on in your local area. At this time of year, there are galas and fairs going on everywhere!

15. Sit outside and eat your weight in ice cream. Something that I've done far too many times.

16. Relax and listen to your favourite music

17. Have a water fight

18. Go sight seeing

19. Go for a day at the theme park!

20. Go to your local car boot

What are your favourite things to do when it's lovely weather?

Sally x

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