Easy Money Saving Ideas

Saving money is one of the things I'm rubbish at, if I put a chunk away at the end of payday it's spent within a matter of days. Over the past few years, I've found a few fun little ways that have helped me save up for that spontaneous shopping trip or those tickets for a concert that I've wanted to go to, so hopefully, they'll be able to give you some ideas too!

Save your £2 coins
This is one of the best ideas in my opinion. A year or so ago each time both me and my mum got a £2 coin in our purses we put it in a piggy bank to save up towards Strictly Come Dancing tour tickets. We started fairly early in the year and by the end, we were able to buy great seated tickets and had a fantastic time!

Put £5 away each time you finish a book
You can save more or less each time you complete a book, it's up to you. But just think, if you start in January and were to read one book each month, by December you've got £60 for a nice little Christmas treat or some money towards Christmas shopping.

Save those coppers
I highly doubt it's just me whose purse weighs a tonne because of a number of coppers its got rattling around inside of it! So why not put them to one side in an old jar until you decide you have enough to go cash it in at the bank!

 Another option you have is to cash it in at supermarkets using the Coinstar machines, treat your self whilst you do your shopping or why not pick up a skincare/beauty product and review it for your blog!

Sell old makeup at the car boot
The amount of makeup and other junk I have lying around that I've never used or only used once is ridiculous, so why not make a few quid by clearing it out and selling it at a car boot sale? It's guaranteed that you won't get what you paid in the first place but if you're not going to use it, it's going to go to waste altogether. Stick a price of 50p or £1 on your items and watch people snap up your bargains!

Do you have any ideas on how to save money?
Be sure to share!

Sally x

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