Things I've Been Told As A Non-Drinker

I don't drink. Well, I do (obviously), just not alcohol

There's no specific reason why I choose not to drink, I just don't like the taste and honestly, I've just never been bothered. However there is a possibility that being the designated drunk sister looker after-er when I was younger could have swayed me slightly, but we won't go into those traumatising stories!

I still love going to pubs with friends who drink and I'll enjoy myself just as much as everybody else, the only difference is that I'll be drinking a pint of coke instead (and probably driving us home).

Over the years when I've told people I don't drink I've been looked at like I've just grown another head and had my fair share of comments, these being the most popular...

1. "You don't know what your missing out on"
This is something I've been told over and over again, Seriously it's as if saying you don't drink translates to 'I don't go out'. Like I've just said I enjoy going out with people who drink and just because I choose to spend my money on other things food, I still know what pubs and how to have fun.

2.  "You're strange"
I've been told this by people who barely know me before and it's kinda rude! I'm still trying to work out why not drinking makes you strange, it's my choice thanks, not yours. Also, I wouldn't turn around and tell somebody they're odd just because they're not into photography or because they like to knit jumpers for chickens! (I would totally buy one FYI, my Henriettas losing her feathers in her old age and she would look so cute).

3. "I'll take you out and get you pissed"
Oh no, no you won't. I always remember somebody I used to be friends with saying this to me once and I just laughed. Do you really think somebody who doesn't drink a drop isn't going to notice when you hand them a vodka & coke instead of their usual? I remember mixing up my dad's rum & coke with my coke one time and oh my god I could have died. So yeah, I'll probably notice.

4. "Try this, you'll like it"
Like I said, I don't like the taste of alcohol so it's unlikely that I'm going to like the drink you're offering me, as nice as that is! Personally, I think the majority of people who say this are trying to make me feel more included, but I am more than happy with what I'm drinking, so just relax and let me enjoy my pop and crisps night at the bar!

Are you somebody like me who prefers to stay away from the booze? Or know somebody who does?
Let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Sally x

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